Why a winter holiday on the Fraser Coast is so magical

Depending on where you’re from, winter might be that dreaded time where frost ends up on your windows and everything turns dreary. But around the Fraser Coast, we are blessed with a sub-tropical climate all year round and that’s not the only reason we LOVE winter. Keep on scrolling to find out why a winter holiday on the Fraser Coast is so magical. 

As soon as June hits our mornings reach that perfect crisp temperature and our sunsets get 1000 times more magical. We also start getting ready to welcome some very special marine mammals to our waters. 

Check out these reasons why we recommend a winter holiday on the Fraser Coast! Especially now that travel is open for Queenslanders. 

Those sunsets

We love a sunset any day of the year, but honestly there is just something [extra] special about those crazy colourful sunsets when it hits June. Grab a posse on the beach or the front deck, get the wine and cheese and take it all in! 

Whales, whales, whales

Yacht Charter whale watching hervey bay

There’s an excitement that comes over Hervey Bay when we start approaching July, because that means we’re about to see our annual Humpback Whale visitors. In 2019, Hervey Bay was named the world’s first Whale Heritage Site and for damn good reason. This here is the place that’s famous for incredible up close encounters with the whales. The bay is a recognised stopover point for the whales on their very long migration route. 

We enjoy sub-tropical weather all year round

Yep, when we say it’s winter we don’t really mean it. We enjoy average temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees around Hervey Bay. This makes for beautiful crisp mornings and afternoons to savour on the water. This amazing weather also means great conditions when sailing and boating around the Great Sandy Strait. These are just some reasons why a winter holiday on the Fraser Coast is so magical. 

Looking for a winter escape now that lock-down restrictions have been eased? Check out our bareboating and skippered charters. 

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