Gary's Anchorage



All Wind Conditions (North Westerly, South Easterly, South Westerly, North Westerly)

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Weave through the small islands of the Great Sandy Strait



Exploring hidden creeks

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Travel time from the Great Sandy Straits Marina to Gary’s Anchorage is approximately 5 hours

Be mindful when navigating between the many small islands and sand banks of the southern Great Sandy Strait area on your way to Gary's Anchorage

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For a completely different view and an anchorage that’s great in adverse weather conditions, head down the Great Sandy Strait to Gary’s Anchorage.

Travel south from Kingfisher Bay and you’ll wind your way through the picturesque and smaller islands of the strait including Dream and Stuart Islands before reaching Gary’s Anchorage, just off Fraser Island (K’gari).

Gary’s provides a completely different outlook of the landscapes of Fraser Island with lush greenery and coffee rock to take a peek at, in comparison to the white sandy beaches further up the island.

Here you’ll find plenty to do for everyone with hidden creeks to explore with the tender, incredible views with islands at every turn and it’s an excellent spot to drop in the line for some fishing along with great crabbing opportunities.

We highly recommend heading down the strait to explore during the summer months if you are trying to avoid any of those North Westerly winds.

Tip: If you’re heading from Kingfisher Bay to Gary’s Anchorage, make sure you also stop in at Ungowa on the way to check out some incredible hidden shipwrecks.

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