Wathumba Creek -
Fraser Island



The outside of the creek it suitable for anchoring in Easterly, Northerly and light North Easterly conditions. Main vessels aren't to be taken into the creek [only tenders].

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Watch out for the roaming wildlife of Fraser Island


Pump Yabbies (When the tide is out)


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Travel time to Wathumba Creek from Great Sandy Straits Marina is approximately 4 hours.

This anchorage is suited to those on 3+ nights charters.

You’ll have to make sure you are mindful and continually across the tides if attempting to enter Wathumba Creek with a range of large sandbanks to navigate. We strongly suggest only entering and exiting the creek via tender one hour before high tide and keeping contact with the team at Fraser Island Boat Charters.

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Say hello to the Fraser Coast’s answer to Whitehaven Beach when you anchor near the white sandy beaches and blue waters of Wathumba Creek on Fraser Island. When the tide is right this is the perfect spot to jump in for a snorkel and uncover an underwater world full of turtles, rays, fish and more.

One of the best things about stopping at Wathumba Creek on a sailing holiday with Fraser Island Boat Charters is that this inlet provides shelter from all wind directions for the ultimate comfort.

If you’re sitting tight at Wathumba Creek as the tide runs out, make sure you keep an eye out for the pure bred Fraser Island dingoes that love to roam this area. It’s also another great spot to bring the fishing gear out for added adventure.

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