5 Night Itinerary - South

Have you been dreaming about a floating holiday? Well we would like to introduce you to the Fraser Coast with this 5 night itinerary! From snorkelling, exploring shipwrecks, fishing and learning the history of the area there are so many adventures to be had. During the winter season you can also witness the magnificent humpback whales putting on a show as the mum and calves enjoy the bay area.  

Let us show you what sailing the Fraser Coast could look like with our 5 night south itinerary. You’ll explore Fraser Island (K’gari) and other islands in the area including Big Woody which is rich in history. 

Remember: our team is here to advise you on the best anchorages to suit the current weather conditions. This itinerary is just a guide. 

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Night 1: Harbour to Big Woody Island [2 hours]

After an in depth briefing about your new home for the next 5 nights, you’ll be taken out of the Great Sandy Straits Marina and be able to sail off into the horizon. Head over to the historic Big Woody Island which was originally home to two heritage-listed lighthouses used to navigate ships into the Hervey Bay area in the 1800's. Top tip: Head to shore and take the walk from the Kerosene Shed to the Middle Bluff Lighthouse for some great views over to Fraser Island.

Indigo at sunset while on boat charter in Hervey Bay

Night 2: Big Woody to Kingfisher Bay [1.5 hours]

From one island to another, it’s time to explore Kingfisher Bay on the western side of Fraser Island (K’gari). Enjoy some fishing action at Kingfisher Bay or a relaxing swim in the ocean. This is a great spot to explore on foot to historical spots like McKenzies Jetty or head to the lookout. 

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Night 3: Kingfisher Bay to Ungowa (2 hours)

It’s time to keep moving south! You’ll start to notice the scenery of Fraser Island change as you venture further south with the cliffs full of dark coffee rock and green vegetation. Make sure you take the tender out to explore. There are two shipwrecks the Ceratodus Wreck south of the Ungowa Jetty and the SS Palmer in nearby Deep Creek. This is the perfect spot to throw out a crab pot and cook up dinner back on the boat! 

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Night 4: Ungowa to Gary's Anchorage [2 hours]

Keep travelling south from Ungowa Creek. You’ll wind your way through picturesque smaller islands of the strait including Dream and Stuart Islands before reaching Gary’s Anchorage. Here you’ll continue to see the lush greenery and coffee rock along the coast. You’ll also find plenty to do with hidden creeks to explore with the tender. 

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Night 5: gary's anchorage to Kinigfisher Bay [3.5 hours]

Your time exploring the southern part of Fraser Island (K’gari) is coming to an end. To make the most of your last night on charter, head back to the wonderful Kingfisher Bay and take the tender ashore for a session at the sunset bar at Kingfisher Bay Resort. This is the best spot to anchor on your last night with easy access to the harbour in the morning and finishing up your 5 night itinerary.

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