Why you should choose the Fraser Coast for a boating holiday

Hey there, adventurers! Set your sights on the marine mecca that is the Fraser Coast for your next boating holiday with Fraser Island Boat Charters.

Picture this: a playground for boating enthusiasts nestled just a short drive away from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, also accessible via direct flights from Sydney and Melbourne (in June 2024).

What makes the Fraser Coast (and the western coastline of K'gari Fraser Island) the ultimate bareboating paradise, you ask? Well, buckle up as we dive into a world of equal parts relaxation and adventure.

world's largest sand island

First things first - K'gari (Fraser Island) proudly wears the crows as the world's largest sand island. How does that work in your favour? Lots of protection in unfavourable weather conditions. With a host of anchorages to suit varied wind directions. Ready for the best part? Your neighbours? They'll be miles away! That's right - seclusion at its finest. Get ready to claim your own slice of paradise without the crowds.

Not a seasoned sailor? this is the best place to start

Are you a seasoned sailor or a rookie raring for adventure? Fear not - Queensland's Fraser Coast caters to everyone and is the perfect playground to build those sailing skills. Whether you are novice or pro, you'll find your sea legs and maybe even discover a few new tricks amidst these stunning waters. At Fraser Island Boat Charters, we also get you fully prepared including offering a hand full of how to videos before you arrive, an in depth induction when you check in and one of our team members available over the phone at any point during your charter.

wide range of stunning anchorages

While exploring on a multi day bareboat charter, you'll also find a number of anchorages, such as Wathumba Creek, that feature white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters like something off a postcard. This is the Fraser Coast's answer to Whitehaven Beach and perfect for pure relaxation. Other anchorages also feature old shipwrecks to explore, lighthouses, historical sites and short walks to get the body moving in nature.

Teeming with marinelife

It's not just the sailing conditions that make the Fraser Coast a marine mecca - the region is teeming with marine life encounters that will leave you speechless. We're talking about fish, dugong, dolphins, turtles and the beautiful Humpback whales to visit between July and October each year. The Fraser Coast is also home to one of the most diverse fisheries in Australia, the fishing action around here is incredible.

Fraser Island Boat Charters invites you to discover a new boating destination that ticks all the boxes for holiday memories that will last a lifetime.

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