The best anchorages for north-westerly winds


When it comes to sailing around these parts in summer, “those damn north-westerlies” seem to get complained about a lot. We hear you, aint nobody wants to be stuck in unfavourable conditions while out on a yacht charter. We want to show you the best anchorages for the weather conditions.

But we ask that you hear us out (or read below) because one of the best things about the Fraser Coast as a boating destination is that there are plenty of places to hide if it isn’t all smooth sailing.

Here’s our favourite anchorages to spend the night (or a few) if the north westerlies are hitting.

Moon Point, Fraser Island

There’s a reason this magical spot is a favourite among yacht lovers, and it’s not just because of the epic views of Fraser Island. Moon Point is the widest point of the world’s largest sand island and as such forms the perfect little hideaway cove to tuck in behind if the weather is getting a bit wild. Take it from us, sunrise and sunset anchored at this spot will 100% take your breath away.

South of Big Woody Island

Not far from the Great Sandy Straits Marina (where all of our charters depart from) and in between Hervey Bay and Fraser Island, you’ll find Big Woody Island. If you anchor just south of Big Woody, you’ll find some great protection from the winds as well as island views any which way you look.

If you’re hanging around for a few days - why not go for a land adventure? Take the tender onto the island and uncover it’s rich history and snap a photo from the lighthouse.

Under Rooney's Point, Fraser Island

If you’re further up the bay along the coast of Fraser Island and looking for the ultimate protection, we suggest anchoring in under Rooneys Point. Rooneys is just under the Sandy Cape, the tip of the island, however is wider meaning it offers a good level of protection from the north-westerly winds. This spot is also 10/10 for a spot of marlin fishing.

Wathumba Creek, Fraser Island

If the tides allow, head into the picturesque Wathumba Creek. The creek is a great anchorage to escape strong winds from any direction and is home to the token white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of Fraser Island. Wathumba is a tidal lagoon which means it fills up with the tide and here you’ll be able to anchor within meters of Fraser Island. While you wait for the weather to improve, it’s a great spot for fishing, snorkelling, spearfishing, mud crabbing and more!

As always, in any weather conditions we’ll stay connected with bareboat charterers. We're more than happy to advise the safest way to navigate any weather situation.

If you’re keen to try out some summer sailing, check out our current specials here. And if you're wondering how this whole bareboating thing works, find out what to bring with you for a great yacht hire experience.

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