1. Select your location and check water depth and tidal movement. Stop the vessel with the bow into the wind.
  2. Attempt to anchor is less than 10m of water where possible.
  3. Always put out 5 times in length of chain as the depth of water. Ie in 5m of water put out at least 25m of chain.
  4. Releasing the safety rope on the anchor chain.
  5. Press the down the toggle switch located on the port side of the helm.
  6. When the required length of chain and rope is released allow the vessel to lay into the wind while keeping the engines in neutral. Attached the bridle and let out a little bit more chain so the  strain is on the bridle.
  7. After about 10 minutes check to ensure your position is the same and the anchor is holding.
  8. If the anchor doesn’t hold let out a further 10 meters and try again.
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