K’gari Breeze is fitted with an electric anchor winch, 60 metres of chain and a CQR type anchor. The winch raises the anchor when the UP foot switch is pressed. Always run the engines when using the winch.

The circuit breaker is located down the portside hallway in the cupboard closest to the front cabin on the portside and should be in the ON position. If the winch is overloaded the circuit breaker will trip. Push the switch up to reset.

When approaching  the area you are going to anchor, position the vessel so that its down wind of the anchorage and approach with the wind directly on the bow. Station a crew member on the bow to monitor that the anchor is going down correctly

The helmsman should take directions from the crew member when approaching the anchorage.

 Remember to have the dinghy on the davits or alongside during this manoeuvre to ensure you do not run off the painter line.

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